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My problem is what if you have a physical disability? Like me I want children but I will have to have a C-section to safely have a child. My lower spine would be crushed if I gave childbirth. I would love to have a child but it's scary to think of the what if I'd rather adopt and give that child a life than become paralyzed and my children have a life where they have to worry about me and take care of me when it should be the other way around..

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I lived with a girl who had learning difficulties and severe epilepsy. She lived in our hostel because she was a vulnerable adult who could not take care of herself fully but wasn't classed as incapable enough to be put in an adult care facility. She fell pregnant by a man who was meant to care for her before she came to our house, and didn't realise til she was 24 weeks gone. She said to me what am I supposed to do when I can't look after myself? I forget to eat, forget to bathe, what if I forgot to feed her? And if I had a fit at the top of the stairs holding her? The little girl must be about 4 or 5 now and was adopted from birth, the adoption was finalised when she was about one. Having kids isn't for everyone, some people don't like kids, don't want them, can't look after them, and whilst contraception is available you should be allowed to make the decision to be sterilised. I don't understand why some are so morally opposed to the childfree movement, when it doesn't affect anyone but the individual choosing to be childfree.


There’s a lot wrong with me that I don’t want to pass down to a child and I’d rather not have children, that’s just not the life for me, I have alopecia, an undiagnosed thyroid condition, scoliosis, an irregular heart rate that causes me to pass out, depression, my hips dislocate, etc.. And the person I am with now and intend to stay with has just as many problems as me and I don’t want to put that burden on a child..

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“Ruins a perfectly good organ” but smoking and drinking do the same 🙄. After School Special All of my love to rob and Sophie RIP to a beautifully angel. Rob is a true worrior. Hands down rispect

I have no problem with people's choices to be childless...My concern is that we ALL know that our thoughts and wants as a 18 year old to even a 30 year old change as we get older. I feel totally different on issues now than I did when I was 18, 25 or 30 year old..

The positivity I am seeing in these comments is so nice tbh

Im 27 and I dont want children I felt like this all my life. I get crazy arguments, what about women who cant have children. So how is me having a child going help them. Not even a valid argument. I have no interest in having children the thought of it makes me cry. I would be miserable..

I like how people forget you can adopt kids if you want them

I don't understand the people who think that a 20 year old is old enough to decide they want children, which is a permanent decision, but not old enough to decide they don't want children, which is a semi-permanent decision that can be reversed or overcome by adoption if the person does change their mind. My mother got pregnant with me when she was 16 years old. She was apparently old enough to make the choice to continue a pregnancy and become a parent. I'm 33 years old, and I'm not considered old enough to choose sterilization. I've been seeking it since I was 18. I have tried in 3 different states, with several different doctors in each state, throughout these years. I keep getting told that I will change my mind and they don't want to rob me of the chance to have children. Meanwhile, I feel like they are totally okay with robbing me of my chance to live my life the way I need to live it in order to feel happy and fulfilled. I have never wanted to have kids. My mom said I first started telling her I didn't want them when I was 3 years old! It has been pretty consistent for the last 30 years..

I completely agree that people have the right to do this to themselves, but I also think it shouldn’t be at the taxpayers expense! Why should others have to pay for this form of birth control?.


I do not wish to have kids,I want to be sterilized.I am 18,I suffer in my every menstruation and suffer from a metabolic disease that CAN be passed down and requires therapy to get pregnant and in case the pregnancy is sudden (without the preparation),abortion is forced.why go through all this when I do not want kids in the first place.not to mention my relation with kids is terrible,i have no patience and cannot be around them at any time.

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It seems to me, some of these people didnt want to get sterilized, they say they want it, but their body language says otherwise. Their fears helped them, say yes. I married a so called medically sterile guy. I never wanted kids but later changed my mind. We fought hard to have our 2 biological kids and only got pregnant after getting prayed over. And we got pregnant naturally and easily, even though hubby is lucky to have very few if any sperm. That was 23 years ago, and since those days, we opted to get my already sterile hubby a vasectomy. Ironic, but funny too. And chose instead to add kids through adoption. We are now weeks away from adopting an older child, our 4th adoption in 7 years!!!!! So yes, if they ever want kids, adoption is an option. My oldest son doesnt want kids, while my second son intends to have a few bio kids and adopt a ton, up to 10 kids total. I feel every person has the right to decide what they want for themselves, but I caution anyone considering sterilization, to get healthy emotionally and psychologically before making such a hard decision. If you still feel sure, then fine, but these few in this show, to me had a sadness at their decision, they could seriously regret later.. I thought teens like goth, so why would they attack a goth? moshinorihi/entry-12441102972.html Everybody mourns Sophie but let's not forget Rob. He has had to live with grief and brain injury and psychological trauma every day since.


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Rest in peace in heaven Sophie lancaster. cmx2qeha Bacup, Rossendale, Lancashire on 11 August 2007, and Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were set upon by a pack of feral thugs - their crime was to be different, to dress differently from their attackers. The attack left both Sophie and Robert in comas, Sophie would never wake up, murdered for being different. This BBC film tells the story.
Back in the dead part of 1970s Great Britain, I was a Punk Rocker, something that to many was akin to being the Devil's spawn. So much so a car swerved to try and hit me one day as I crossed the road, the ignorance and intolerance back then still manifests itself today, quite often with tragic and hateful consequence. Upon watching Murdered for Being Different, the impact of the overwhelming sadness is only rivalled by the revulsion at those responsible for Sophie's death.
The film is a valid and highly worthy production, picking up on the burgeoning love between Sophie and Robert, and then taking us to that fateful early August 11th morning. We observe the immediate aftermath and subsequent investigation into the incident, the effects of such on family and a key witness to what had unfolded. The pic is guilty of cutting corners, we really should have had more on the attackers post the attack, on how they reacted in the run up to their arrest (media tells us they were unrepentant scum), while a tactful omission of Sophie's mother in the play is noted with respect but still leaves a hole.
But ultimately complaints are churlish, for this makes its mark. It's very well produced, the performances very tight, with Abigail Lawrie as Sophie doing her proud and Reiss Jarvis superb as the conflicted key witness Michael Gorman. Soundtrack is pin sharp, right up to the finale which is played out to the haunting grace of Placebo covering Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill. A distressing viewing experience but one that all should be privy to, point made and hopefully a jolt to the system of any human being with the potential for hate crime in their black hearts. 9/10.

Ulrich and Günter Conquer the World. Being sterile is Extraordinary, Christ what a natalist society we live in. Reproducing is unethical see: Antinatalism. Also on the tax paying comment: who pays for your pregnancy? who pays for education? who pays child benefits? who pays for free child care? the list goes on....

I’ve known for 5 years that I don’t want to have a kid of my own. MAYBE adopt later on. But I don’t want to have one. And they won’t let me do anything as a 24 year old. I have to wait till I’m “older”... uhhh....?? They didn’t even want me to get an IUD to block it for 5 years so my husband and I wouldn’t have a kid... he’s older and has one. I’m happy with his kid and our pets. Why can’t we. As “adults” make a choice!?. sorry to bother but please add subtitles... For people who are different too.. My daughter is a beautiful, fun loving person, but she voiced her thoughts quite loudly, that she never wanted kids! And these were voiced at 12 years old! She always told guys she dated, that if they wanted kids someday, she was not the person they wanted to be with. She finally met the man of her dreams, who also did not want kids! She could not get fixed because of doctors telling her no, that she was to young! Which she wasn't. She was married and taking all kinds of protection to keep from getting pregnant. She went to her doctor and talked about it, because her husband was concerned about her health because of all the years of birth control pills. She came home crying and told her husband they said no. He told her it would be ok because they did not turn men down, and so he was fixed! Now they are happier than ever and living their life like they want. She asked me how I felt about her not having me grandkids? Well, I have always known how she felt about this and it was always fine with me! I have grandkids, great grandkids out the ass! In my opinion, they were doing the responsible thing!.


The Disaster Artist Free Watch Solar Movies. Childfree people are the most selfless people because they are making a rational decision in consideration of what's best for the unborn potential child and often what is best for society. Someone who hates children just shouldn't have children. A child deserves loving caretakers, not simply adults who will clothe and feed them. Having a child because your family pressures you is also an awful reason. Let people make their own decisions about their own lives!.

Nocturne These people are doing this world a favor, 7 billion+ and rising rapidly, its a choice and it should be respected just as you'd like your choices to be!.





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